Service doesn’t stop when the goods turn up

Running a seamless project necessitates establishing a strong partnership with your suppliers. With a vast customer base and daily engagement in a wide range of projects, encompassing minor enhancements to the commissioning of new factories, we actively listen to our customers' feedback. By leveraging this valuable input, we continuously enhance our systems to provide better support. We take into consideration the unique pain points experienced by individuals within your organisation and strive to tailor our solutions accordingly. This customer-centric approach is what sets our technology and systems apart, positioning us as the preferred choice for numerous companies in the market.


Improve job performance with our durable products from renowned brands. Our friendly local technical support team have diverse industry experience in electrical contracting, machine building and Industrial Networking to assist with any technical questions you have.

We are excited to announce that our services have expanded to include a range of rental equipment, handpicked to cater to your needs to make installations easier. You can browse the range, check availability and make a booking on our online eShop 24/7.


Ensuring your customers' satisfaction is paramount for the success of your company. By using products from globally recognized market-leading brands that we supply, you can minimize the need for follow-up work and ensure smooth installations, which helps maintain your position as a preferred contractor with sites.

Now with our new rental equipment service, if you're scaling up or expanding your process you can do this immediately without the need of investing in specialized installation equipment.


We take great care in ensuring our products arrive to you in the best possible condition. Each item is clearly labelled and our shipments are packed in standardized drums, pallets, and boxes to facilitate easy checking and handling. In additional to paper packing slips, we email you a confirmation whenever we send a shipment and this includes a full list of everything sent and live track and trace links.

Our new rental equipment offer can help alleviate the storage and maintenance burden, giving you one less thing to worry about. You can order the equipment as you need it, and rest assured that it will be readily available, in optimal working condition and ready to use whenever you require it.


We understand that purchasing products from multiple vendors can be a stressful and our aim is to make working with us as a transparent and hassle-free experience. With our customer portal you have 24/7 access, allowing you to easily track every order (what's left and what's remaining), check ETA's for your backorders, and double check pricing at your convenience.

Our new rental equipment offering is designed to simplify your life by reducing the number of suppliers you have to deal with. Fewer suppliers mean less organising, fewer phone calls, and fewer accounts to manage.


We are proud to support many of our customers with their Industrial Ethernet network design needs. Our services include network design, optimisation of speed and security through the use of VLAN's and firewalls, WiFi antenna placement, fiber optic backbones, remote VPN access, and IIoT integration. As many of our electrical customers are being asked to provide this service, we now offer a consulting service where we can assist in designing your network and ensuring its successful implementation.

Our new rental equipment offering allows you to take advantage of additional verification checks for your installation process. By utilising our top-of-the-line Fluke Networks equipment, you can be confident that your system is correct and ready to go live. These verification checks provide an added layer of assurance and ensure that your project is successful from start to finish.


By using trusted, internationally renowned brands, you can have confidence that the products you are using are thoroughly type tested, batch tested and certified. With our products you can quickly access detailed datasheets online, providing you with all the important specifications and tested standards.

Often, many products can only be guaranteed with the use of original termination products from the manufacturers. You can now rent these from us to ensure your team follows the manufacturer's recommendations without the hindrance of purchasing costly equipment.



LAPP appliance wire range has fine stranded (class 5) tinned coated conductors which prevents the conductors from oxidising and becoming brittle. this makes it suitable for many installations in harsh environments. The fine stranding allows it to be flexible and easy to install. Available in both PVC and LSZH formats.


LAPP ÖLFLEX® is the worlds most popular control cable. With more than 60 years of refinement. Today, ÖLFLEX® has over 100 different variations of control cables in our range. Options for high oil, dynamic movement, extreme UV resistance, washdown resistance; you name it, we have an option.


For Australia/New Zealand requirements we designed the ULTRA SCREEN VSD which is the first flexible VSD cable on the market that offers both a braid screen, and a full copper tape screen. This provides the cable with the maximum 360 degree screening. The ULTRA SCREEN is tested to AS/NZS 5000.1 for our local requirements.


A full range of AS/NZS 5000.1 and 5000.2 power distribution cables with no MOQ’s and best of all, No Cutting Fees. We also hold consistent pricing on our power cables for long periods of time, so you know where you stand, and this makes it easier for you to quote jobs.


Flexible Single-Core, Double Insulated (SDI) cable, used for switchboards and transformers, mains power distribution, burial in underground ducts or conduit and other industrial applications. The 110 degree low smoke and halogen free (LSZH) is widely known as the most flexible SDI on the market.


ÖLFLEX POWER NS is the latest addition to our extensive range of industrial cables and connectivity solutions. With superior performance, durability, and reliability, it is set to become a go-to solution for a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications.


LAPP Flat TPS Cable has an easy tear PVC sheath to save time when stripping. Bright outer sheath colours help quickly identify between power, switching and air conditioning circuits. We have 200m drums available of the most popular sizes. These are on small plastic drums so they are still nice and portable, but with the increased length it means less wastage and more savings for you.


Instrumentation Cable with configurations in single, multi-pair, triples are designed to carry a ranged of analog and data signals. Our LAPP ÖLFLEX® INSTRUM is unique on the market with is 500V voltage rating which allows it to be installed in close conjunction with mains power cables without segregation. This saves you on the size of cable ladder required around the factory.


SKINTOP® from LAPP boasts an exceptionally wide range of cable gland solutions, making it a top contender in the market and the preferred choice for numerous factories. Making the right seal in the cabinet is essential to keep the water, dust and other contaminants out of your sensitive control gear. SKINTOP® ensures a premium finish for every installation you do.


Ty-Rap cable ties provide superior performance in applications such as resistance against extreme temperatures, flames, continuous sunlight, UV radiation, aggressive chemicals, or heavy tensile strength requirements. ABB's Ty-Rap has a cable tie solution for your application needs.


We offer a range of networking solutions specifically designed for industrial requirements where high reliability is critical. Our team of technical experts is readily available to collaborate with you in designing the ideal infrastructure backbone that guarantees seamless functionality for your installation on every occasion.


ABB’s low-voltage switchgear and motor control center platform as part of its distribution solutions business is a market leading technology in power distribution and motor control center application, connecting power and automation for process industry, power and infrastructure customers.



Solutions for cable handling. These include cable rollers, hydraulic jacks, standard and cable trailers. If you have a lot of cable to manage, grab a bit of extra equipment today.


Site tools cover a range of hand operated tools for common applications in stripping, screwing, crimping, cutting, and testing. These include both mechanical and electrical test and measurement tools.


Temporary power solutions when you are working on site. From small portal generators to power distribution boxes and cables.


Equipment for local on-site communications, remote access Vpn’s and test equipment for communication networks on site.


Portable marking units for professional marking on the go, up to desktop printers for larger volume requirements.


If there's something you need that we don’t have, or you need more of something than we have available, let us know. We value your input to help guide us to the equipment you need.