Frequently Asked Questions


Our compliance team work with both the regulators and our suppliers to ensure we are always on top of the required AS/NZS standards.

In saying that, a lot of the time when a product is specialised for industrial applications, there are no AS/NZS standards applicable for it. In this case international standards like IEC are used to demonstrate suitability.

Our systems are linked between Australia and New Zealand so even if you are working in the alternative country, we can offer you the same high service level you experience locally. There is no need to apply for a separate account or worry about the hassles of freighting and importation.

If you are working further afield we can generally offer delivery to most locations in the world whether this is shipped from our local logistics hub, or drop shipped directly from our suppliers. If you have requirements in this area please let us know how we can help.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of products, however we do not offer on-site installation. If you need help in this area we have a vast network of customers located throughout the country and we would be delighted to recommend a local professional who can assist you with installation should you require it

In order to better assist our customers, we occasionally collaborate with third-party suppliers to source specific products. However, we typically focus on procuring items that are similar to our own offerings, as this enables us to provide comprehensive technical support should any inquiries arise. If you require us to source a particular product for your project, please inform us, and we will gladly accommodate your request.

Yes, but this is always by negotiation. Please discuss this with us first so we can evaluate if the product can be returned, and if so we can select a drum close to the length you require. Also, when the drum is returned it must be done fairly promptly and in good resaleable condition.

For items sold as individual pieces like glands or terminals these can be returned for credit by negotiation, but it is case by case. For example, for indent items that we fly in from overseas we cannot return those to suppliers so they cannot be returned. It is always recommended to discuss with us first so we can assess the options with you.

Absolutely. We understand storing products on site can be challenging in terms of space and security. You can order from us and draw down as you go. There may be additional freight charges as each shipment goes out, but this can save a lot of headaches.

Any order you place with us will show up in the customer portal located in our eShop, whether it's placed through the eShop, by email or over the phone. The portal shows live data and has exactly what you have ordered, how much we have shipped, when it was shipped, and any remaining backorders for you. This gives you the control so you know exactly where you stand 24/7.

Our team is made up of many technical engineers that have years of experience in electrical contracting, switchboard building, factory automation, industrial networking and software development. Our friendly team are happy to assist you with any questions you have.

Harnessed solutions are something we commonly do to help you save time on your installation. This generally entails us taking your electrical drawings and pre-cutting, stripping and terminating the cables. This is done in a controlled factory environment and saves you time when on-site so you can concentrate on the installation. If you are interested in this please contact our Customer Services team in regards to "Harnessed Solutions".

Ethernet network design can be very tricky, especially in an industrial environment where you have industrial machinery with VSD's, HMI's and PLC's, and you mix this with office peripherals like computers, cameras and printers. This is why our engineers can offer a "health check" of your existing network and can offer a design service to show you how to get the best optimisation, security and segregation of your network. If you are interested in this please contact our Customer Services team in regards to "Network Design Solutions".


We have designed a customer loyalty program that provides our existing customers with the benefit of being able to also rent equipment. To participate, you must meet specific qualification criteria, including an annual spend threshold. If you would like to check your eligibility for this program, we strongly encourage you to contact us today.

Under the rentals categories you can click "add to cart". This will bring up the date selector and other instructions for how to proceed with renting these items.

When you are on the rental products page, click "Check Availability". This will bring up the booking calendar where you can see the dates and how many of that item we have available.

We will be adding to the range of equipment we offer. If there's something you want but we don’t have, let our sales team know so we can evaluate adding it. We really appreciate your insights.

Some rental items are standard products in our catalogue which you can purchase, however some equipment has been purchased specifically for the rentals program and is not available for general purchase from us. If there is an item you would like to purchase please let us know.

We have created short getting started guides for each item, and we are adding demo videos to show you how they work. If you require further support please get in touch with our friendly Customer Services team.

As per the rental agreement, when the equipment is in your possession you are liable. If equipment is lost, stolen or damaged this is your responsibility under your company insurance.

For customers that qualify for the rentals program, there is no bond fee required when renting from us.

Regrettably, it is not possible to sublease our equipment. Our rental process necessitates a formal rental agreement between the renter and the rentee, and prohibits subleasing. We exclusively provide leases directly to the individuals who will be utilising the equipment. Such restrictions are commonplace among rental companies and violating this policy would be considered a breach of our terms and conditions.

Pick up is from 3pm the day before your booking and return before 10am the day after your booking.

For example: if you book for Wednesday
Pick up after 3pm on the Tuesday
Return before 10am on the Thursday

(Weekends and public holidays are ignored and you are not charged for those days)

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm. Closed Public Holidays.

All rental equipment must be returned by 10am. Additional charges apply for late returns.

Unfortunately not, we are only open Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm. Please hold onto the equipment and return it the following day. We have selected liberal drop off and pickup windows to help make this easier.

Yes. If you are far away from our facility, we can courier/truck equipment to you, especially when we are sending products already. However some items are unable to be couriered and are pickup / drop off only to due to size and weight.

Unless stated otherwise all our equipment will come with what is necessary to get you started. For example, a Thermal Camera will come with at least one battery, charger and a carry case.



Solutions for cable handling. These include cable rollers, hydraulic jacks, standard and cable trailers. If you have a lot of cable to manage, grab a bit of extra equipment today.


Site tools cover a range of hand operated tools for common applications in stripping, screwing, crimping, cutting, and testing. These include both mechanical and electrical test and measurement tools.


Temporary power solutions when you are working on site. From small portal generators to power distribution boxes and cables.


Equipment for local on-site communications, remote access Vpn’s and test equipment for communication networks on site.


Portable marking units for professional marking on the go, up to desktop printers for larger volume requirements.


If there's something you need that we don’t have, or you need more of something than we have available, let us know. We value your input to help guide us to the equipment you need.